The Home Stretch

After months of having a far off daydream of eventually meeting our sweet baby girl we are now closing in on that dream becoming a reality. We have been told that we are in the early stages of labor and that she could come at any point now. We are only in week 36 so our doctor wants me to take it as easy as possible to try to get through to week 37 (at which point she will be considered full term).

As of yesterday (Tuesday) we were at a 1 and I was having contractions every 2 min but they were not painful. They sent me home and said to take it easy but to come back if the contractions got to the point that I couldn’t breathe or talk. So far the contractions have gotten stronger but not very regular and I can still breathe and talk. We go back on Friday and we will see how I am progressing.

Saturday we are supposed to finally take our maternity pictures, as long as we haven’t already had a baby by then! So hopefully Miss Molly Rayne (pronounced Rain) can wait just a little bit longer to make her grand debut!

Attempting to take it easy, Your Mandi