More of a bob and less of a pixie and a little Throwback Thursday.

So we are now nine months into the growing out process of the pixie cut and it is now starting to look more like a bob. I can get part of it into a ponytail… granted I can’t leave the house with one in because it sticks out really awkwardly. (Not a cute look, in case you were wondering.)



Please ignore the face that my face is insanely pasty white. Horrible lighting and not a good makeup day, it happens to the best of us! haha Now for a little Throwback Thursday…

ImageIn honor of the fact that I am seriously considering going blonde again for awhile now that my hair is short and I don’t have to worry so much about frying my hair. Plus I love the way blonde hair looks short, you can see the texture better. Anyway this is what Chris and I looked like in 2011, well actually I was only blonde for a couple months but my Christopher was that cute all year long!

Are any of you thinking of changing up a hairstyle or even just a color for spring? Let me know what you are thinking. Should I go blonde for a while? Wanna join the blonde movement?

Happy hair coloring, Your Mandi