What to do on a horrible hair day!?

Photo on 3-9-13 at 2.47 PM #2

What do you do when it’s time to show the world this month’s hair style and you can’t seem to remember to take a picture when your hair looks awesome or before the worst break out of your life?

Photo on 3-9-13 at 2.49 PM #3

You throw on a cute bandana and you cover your face!! haha! I know these don’t show how long my hair has gotten but I thought I would take this opportunity to show that you can still be cute even when you feel like there is no possible way to fix the mess that is your hair. One of the things I really miss about my long hair was being able to throw it up in a Photo on 3-9-13 at 2.49 PMponytail on bad hair days. But nowadays its bandanas and the occasional wig. As for the horrendous breakout I will be making an appointment with a dermatologist on Monday and hopefully I can get this mess taken care of. But for now I want to wear makeup as little as possible because it hurts so bad. Tomorrow I have church so hopefully I will remember to take a decent picture to show off this months growth (or lack there of because I got a trim).

Lots of love and bandanas to hide your hair, Your Mandi