5-7 Long Months Of Growing Out A Pixie Cut

Welcome to the new home of oncloud9andahalf. I was able to bring over all of my previous posts in case you missed anything or would like to take a look back at how we got here.


These were from the 5 month mark back in November. I was not happy with the haircut that I got. She cut it a lot shorter than I wanted and I felt like I had lost the last month of progress. These pictures were towards the end of that and I tried something different with my hair and I attempted to do a faux hawk but my husband wasn’t a fan of the way it looked in the front (see the 2nd picture) he said I looked like a rooster and now looking at the pictures I can’t help but agree. So I twisted down the front for a more elegant look (see picture 3).


Here are the pictures from 6 months in December. This was right after the best haircut I have had so far. I was able to explain what I wanted and she totally listened! I’m a little embarrassed to say that I haven’t gotten another haircut since then, but I’ve been trying to get as much growth as possible.


Finally we are at our 7 month pictures. It has really come a long way since I first decided to start growing it out. Although I’m not thrilled about the picture from behind and that funky wave my hair was doing at the bottom. I am always saying how important it is to make sure to look at the back of your hair after styling it so you don’t have weirdness like that, maybe I need to be better at taking my own advice! hahaha

This blog post comes just in time for our 8 month post!! Stay tuned for a new update.  Now that we have found a new home here on WordPress I’m feeling motivated to post more often. Let me know how your growing out process is going or if you are wanting to get your hair cut. Is there anything keeping you from taking the plunge?

Lots of love and extra inches of awkward wavy hair, Your Mandi.