4 Months of growing out a Pixie Cut

This post is a little over a week late but I have quite a few pictures to show for it.

This month I started styling my hair a little bit different. The little pieces by my ears have gotten long so I have started flipping them out using my straightener. Some days I flip out more than just the ear pieces like in the picture above.

Here’s a fun little collage of all the different views of my hair at the 4 month stage. With hair this short it’s a little hard to get a good picture myself so my wonderful husband helped to take these.

As a bonus for taking so long to post here’s a picture from last nights Halloween party. I went as a ladybug and my husband, Chris, went as the Most Interesting Man in the World aka the Dos Equis beer guy. Isn’t he adorable!?! He’s going to make such a cute old man!

I’m due for a trim pretty soon. I didn’t have to trim up the back this time which is a plus because it’s a little tricky to do that yourself. I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween and that you’re enjoying growing out your pixie cut!

Hugs and Leftover Halloween Candy, Mandi