As the hair grows… my own little shampoo opera

     I am 3 months into my growing out process and it wasn’t until last week that I fully committed to growing it out, that was when I finally got a much needed haircut. Up until then I had been trimming up the back (the hair at the base of your neck gets awkwardly long very quickly and it starts to look mullet-ish… and NO ONE wants that). When I got my haircut I told her that I was trying to grow it out and had read that I should have her trim it to where it would eventually grow into an A-line Bob (or as she called it a swing bob).

     This picture is from around the one month mark. I had finally started to actually do my hair instead of just putting mousse in it and letting it air dry. By this point it was long enough to where I could straighten it and get it to behave a little better.

     This one is from the 2 month mark (incase you hadn’t noticed that red feather headband is my favorite and you will probably see it a lot.) My hair is back to the length it was when I first got the longer pixie cut its funny how that picture looks almost identical to the original one! 

     It’s a few days past the 3 month mark but because I got an actual haircut it’s a little shorter but I mainly wanted to show you the side view. The earhole area has been the hardest to grow so far, I usually just tuck most of that behind my ear. When you get a pixie cut its usually trimmed up right around your ear so while its growing out you have this awkward chunk missing on each side, but it’s starting to get better. 

     I hope this helps anyone who is wanting to grow out their pixie cut or calms the fears of anyone who wants to get one but is scared to because of the growing out process for when they decide they don’t want short hair anymore.

Remember you are beautiful even with less hair, Your Mandi